AOTW: Mihai Edrisch – Un Jour Sans Lendemain (2005)


Mihai Edrisch is a Screamo band from France, Un Jour Sans Lendemain being the group’s second and last album, before they decided to split up in 2006. Two of the band’s members moved on to play in Celeste, which is the project I’ve been following long before Mihai Edrisch crossed my radar. There are clear parallels between Un Jour Sans Lendemain and Pessimiste(s) released by Celeste in 2006 so it’s no surprise that I’m a big admirer of both.

I have to say that if there was such an option, I would take the Un Jour Sans Lendemain CD to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures to become the standard of Screamo. Other than the pointless Intro and Outro, every song on this album is pure genius. The production is great: drums are very lively an the guitar sound is, at times, some of the most unique I’ve heard. The band did not set a foot wrong on this record.

The music often switches abruptly between intense bursts with chaotic drumming, frantic vocals and some of the most amazing riffs you’ll ever hear and slow dark passages with tremolo guitars in the vein of Celeste’s Nihiliste(s) and dreamy interludes, allowing the listener to catch a breath. The emotions of sadness and despair permeate this album from start to finish. All the lyrics are in French, but even without understanding the words, the listener can infer quite a bit from the expressiveness of the music.

It is nearly impossible to pick a track that stands out as all of the songs are of approximately the same high quality. Most of the slower songs are placed at the end of the album; the dark atmosphere they create is probably even more draining than the intense energy of the faster tracks. At just under 40 minutes, this is a fairly lengthy Screamo record and, as such, I often end up feeling ‘saturated’ after listening to the album from start to finish.

If you have even the slightest interest in Screamo, it is imperative that you give this album a listen.

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